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Improve Collaboration. Increase Productivity.

Simplify teamwork. Stay in control of your communications. Now it’s truly possible with New Age Networks. The many features of unified communications make staying in touch with associates easy and efficient. See when colleagues are available. Initiate a chat. Send a text. Host a voice or video conference from any device, and invite guests to join via web browser. Handle matters quickly from your always-on “My Room” virtual collaboration space with features like presence, instant messaging, texting, video conferencing and screen sharing.

See what you get with New Age Networks

Great features, all in one client

Web and Video Conferencing

 Speed up decision making with one-on-one or multi-party voice/ video conferencing, including IM/chat and desktop sharing on laptops, smartphones and tablets

 Improve teamwork by bringing together individuals and virtual workgroups for scheduled and impromptu meetings

 One click entry into the conference session. One-click escalation from chat to audio or video conferencing. It’s that easy

Desktop/Screen Sharing

Share your screen with up to 145 participants; participants can share their screens as well

Make meetings more effective; keep attendees engaged

Easier to use than a separate, web-based screen sharing application

No client required for attendees to install. Optional client available for external guests that wish to share their screen with attendees.

HD voice calls

Use your New Age Network’s client, desk phone (optional), and mobile phone interchangeably for outbound and inbound calling using your business line and company minutes plan

New Age Network’s client works with popular operating systems and devices including Windows PCs, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets

HD video calls

Add a personal touch to communications with distant colleagues, distributed teams, partners, and customers

See real-time reactions during calls; help everyone stay engaged

Build consensus and improve understanding through visual cues

Guest Participation in Conferences

Include partners, prospects, and other guests in your conferences. Participants without MegaPath One can join a conference directly in Google Chrome

Access is easy: users simply click on the link in your meeting invite

Guests can participate via chat, voice/video, and desktop sharing

Uses WebRTC, a standard browser communication protocol, so there’s no separate app to download

SMS texting

Send and receive SMS texts to contacts with mobile numbers from any device

Keep your personal phone number private. Texts sent to/from the MegaPath One client use your business phone number.

Presence and Instant Messaging (IM)

See when your contacts are available, in a meeting, on the phone, or offline

Conduct one-on-one or group IM chats

Escalate from text or IM chat to an audio or video conference with a single click

View presence and initiate a chat or call from within Microsoft Outlook