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Choosing Business Internet

Businesses of any size need reliable internet service, but understanding options and selecting the right technology may be confusing.

Choosing the best business Internet solution begins with understanding how your employees will use it and how it will be managed. Factors like your business location (area), the number and intensity of applications used, the need to connect mobile or remote workers, the need for data and server redundancy, network management and network security, and planning for business growth are vital considerations.

New Age Networks experts can help you understand your broadband access requirements and select the best internet solution for your needs. We only serve business customers with robust access that surpasses the usual residential solutions.

New Age Network Advantages

Reliable Connections

Get 99.99% uptime—the best in the industry—backed by strong SLAs and money-back satisfaction guarantees. You can count on New Age Networks to keep you online.

High Speeds

1 million fiber-lit buildings and speeds up to 10 Gbps. Choose from a range of high-speed business Internet services, speeds, and price points.

Proactive Monitoring

Check your Internet connection around-the-clock and receive alerts if your access is interrupted.

Reliable, Dedicated Business Internet Services

T1 and Bonded T1

 With a T1 or Bonded T1 line, you get dedicated bandwidth, and precisely the business Internet speed you order.

If your business needs:

  • Scalability with Bonded line capability
  • Speed that is not dependent on distance from the CO
  • Symmetrical speeds up to 12×12 Mbps with Bonded T1 lines
  • Online access to support email communications, web browsing, and VoIP
  • 99.99% or better uptime guarantee
  • Mean time to restore: 4 hours


Intensive Bandwidth

If you need fast, predictable bandwidth, Business Ethernet is the best value Internet access solution for your business.

If your business needs:

  • Affordable dedicated connectivity
  • Symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Internet that can support multi-user collaboration, data backups, file sharing, VoIP, and more
  • 99.99% or better uptime guarantee
  • Mean time to restore: 4 hours


Business Internet Service for All Your Locations

Always-on, high-speed business broadband connectivity available nationwide.

If your business needs:

  • Widespread coverage so you can scale with a single provider, nationwide
  • Unmatched business-class service guarantees for uptime, repair, and more
  • More upload than download speed, for handling basic business communications and web use
  • Technology options including Asymmetrical Ethernet, DSL, and Cable Internet
  • Plans to match your bandwidth demands at budget-friendly price points

Fiber Optic Internet Access

Our Highest-bandwidth, High-speed Business Internet

Offering the ultimate dedicated bandwidth, Fiber Access powers your business to its maximum potential.

If your business needs:

  • Mission-critical performance
  • Fast, consistent upload and download speeds
  • Support for unified collaboration, data and server backups, file sharing, file downloading, and much more
  • Symmetrical speeds from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • 99.99% or better uptime guarantee
  • Mean time to restore: 4 hours

Broadband Wireless

Secure and Reliable Wireless Internet

Broadband Wireless Internet delivers 3G and 4G high-speed wireless broadband internet to more areas.

If your business needs:

  • Temporary access or a backup to wireline service
  • 100% coverage for your site
  • Fast implementation
  • Fully managed and secure service