Broadband Internet

Business Broadband. Affordable and Reliable.

Dependable Business Internet Service

Robust broadband Internet services keep your business connected. Choose broadband speeds, plans and technologies — including Asymmetrical Ethernet, DSL, and Cable — to match your bandwidth demands, at budget-friendly price points. New Age Networks has broadband Internet coverage nationwide, giving multi-location businesses the flexibility to select the Internet service that meets the business and budget requirements at each location.

Broadband Internet Advantages

Reliable & Guaranteed

Unlike other providers, we back our uptime and repair promises with invoice service credits.

Diverse Technologies

We offer a variety of business broadband technologies and speeds — from 1.5 Mbps T1 to 10 Gbps Fiber, nationwide.

One Provider. One Contact.

New Age Networks alleviates complex challenges associated with managing multi-vendor environments.

Low-cost Broadband Options

Asymmetrical Ethernet

Speeds from 8×1 Mbps to 50×10 Mbps

Affordable, dedicated bandwidth with business-class uptime guarantees. Ideal for businesses that have higher downstream than upstream traffic demands, such as: customers that heavily use off-premises server and services or have no servers on premises; customers with non-mission critical applications; branch offices that access applications from headquarters; and remote office locations that do not upload a lot of content.

  • 99.90% business-class uptime guarantee (99.99% when combined with Proactive Monitoring)
  • Mean time to restore: 8 hours


Download Speeds to 1 Gbps

Value-priced Cable Internet offers high-speed access available extensively throughout the United States. Ideal for businesses or satellite locations requiring faster download than upload speeds. Suitable for online collaboration and file sharing among many users, data backup, and website hosting.

  • 99.5% uptime guarantee (99.9% when combined with Proactive Monitoring)
  • Installation interval: 35 days
  • Mean time to restore: 24 hours

Dedicated ADSL

Download Speeds to 75 Mbps

This high-performance DSL Internet value plan gives you the speed, reliability, and throughput of ADSL without phone service from a local phone company. Backed by uptime and service repair guarantees, Dedicated ADSL is well suited for small businesses or home offices with basic business needs like email and web browsing.

  • 99.5% business-class uptime guarantee (99.9% when combined with Proactive Monitoring)
  • Installation interval: 35 days
  • Mean time to restore: 24 hours

You May Also Be Interested in:

Gigabit Internet

Looking for greater bandwidth? Get speeds up to 10 Gbps with Fiber Access. Symmetrical connectivity provides consistent upload and download speeds, with the highest capacity available. Run streaming media, large file transfers, VoIP and video conferencing, and much more, without interruption. With over 1 million fiber-lit buildings, New Age Networks just may have this robust technology available at your location. Call us today to find out.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring service constantly checks the status of your Internet connection—24/7/365. If we detect an issue, we will automatically contact you via email, create a trouble ticket, and quickly work to resolve the issue and minimize your network downtime. Using our self-service portal, you can stay in control of notification schedules and more.

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