Business DSL Service

An Affordable, Reliable and Scalable Business DSL Solution

DSL Internet is an affordable T1 alternative that can double your internet speed without telephone service.

Business DSL Internet

DSL is an ideal broadband solution for small and medium-sized businesses that download large files or use the Internet extensively. If your business depends on fast and reliable online performance, DSL is for you. Download speeds up to 75 Mbps.

Dedicated DSL Advantages

Double Your Speed

Dedicated ADSL provides DSL benefits without the shared telephone requirements of other DSL services, and includes a 99.9% with failover, 99.5% without failover SLA guarantee.

More Affordable

With download speeds up to 75 Mbps, DSL is a cost-effective small business internet solution.

More Service

New Age Networks offers DSL coverage nationwide, allowing multi-location businesses to scale with a single provider. New Age Networks experienced technical support is available 24/7/365.

Business DSL Plans

Dedicated ADSL Internet – High-performance, No-Phone-Service

Dedicated ADSL Internet delivers the speed, reliability, and throughput of ADSL without phone service from a local phone company (dedicated line). Dedicated ADSL Internet is designed for customers who want the benefits and features of DSL on a dedicated connection, with DSL speeds up to 75×8 Mbps.

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DSL as a Managed Failover Solution

Stay connected and avoid revenue loss and disruption. DSL Internet is available as a redundant connection in case of an outage of your primary access service. DSL Managed Failover detects access issues with your primary Ethernet, T1, or DSL service and automatically switches traffic to the DSL Backup Connection.

  • Speeds (Down/Up) as fast as 75×8 Mbps
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Supports VoIP with Quality of Service
  • Online account management
  • Dedicated ADSL SLAs guarantee 99.5% uptime (99.99% availability with Broadband DSL Managed Failover)

Proactive Monitoring

Our Proactive Monitoring service constantly checks the status of your Internet connection—24/7/365. If we detect an issue, we will automatically contact you via email, create a trouble ticket, and quickly work to resolve the issue and minimize your network downtime. Using our self-service portal, you can stay in control of notification schedules and more.

Tech Specs


Dedicated ADSL/ADSL2+ speeds(up/down) in Mbps: 1.5/.384, 1.5/.768, 3.0/.384, 3.0/.768, 6.0/.768, 8.0/1.0, 10.0/1.0, 15.0/1.0, 20.0/1.0, 75.0/8.0

Service Level Agreement

Unlike other providers, we back our uptime and repair promises with invoice service credits


Expert support technicians are available 24/7/365 to answer customer questions and resolve any issues promptly. Our self-service customer portal makes it easy to check order status, update account information, access support, and pay your bill whenever, wherever.

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