Healthcare Solutions

Improve the Patient Experience and Protect Their Information

New Age Networks Secure Technology Solutions for Healthcare

At New Age Networks, we help Healthcare providers address today’s technology and security challenges, so you can focus on treating your patients. Our cloud-based communications and collaboration systems help healthcare organizations improve the way you interact with your patients while protecting the privacy and security of patient health information in accordance with HIPAA. Our network services, including Wide Area Networks, VPNs and Managed WiFi, deliver the secure connectivity healthcare organizations require to run your mission-critical applications and provide consistent, quality patient care.

Medical Office Phone Systems

Ensure your patients are receiving a quality experience whenever they need to reach you. Empower doctors and staff to stay connected and handle calls professionally, from anywhere. Features, such as virtual receptionists, flexible call routing options, call recording, support mobility and improve your professional presence while safeguarding patient information.

Unified Communications

Enhance telemedicine with unified communications. Enable doctors, technicians and staff to collaborate instantly among themselves and with patients via secure chat, text, screen sharing, and audio and video conferencing. Provide remote consultations and share x-rays from desktop, tablet and smartphone devices with Unified Communications.

Phone Integration with Every-day Applications

Simplify the way you work by adding calling and collaboration to the applications you use every day. Our phone services integrate with more than 25 CRM and Helpdesk applications.

Contact Center

Manage heavy call volumes in medical clinics, hospitals, and insurance call centers with a HIPAA compliant, customer-centric call center solution that includes call queuing, routing, and quality control features.

High-Speed Internet

Connect your practice, administrative offices and remote care providers with a wide range of business-class broadband services including Ethernet, T1, DSL, cable and broadband wireless, available nationwide. With Fiber Ethernet and speeds up to 10 Gbps, empower speed-hungry applications, from high-resolution videoconferencing to massive data replication and backup. Ensure your cloud-based applications are always accessible and optimized by making your network connection bulletproof, guaranteed.

Secure Networking

The importance of the network in Healthcare is growing rapidly as providers adopt more cloud-based systems, engage in telemedicine, and perform more complex functions involving the exchange of electronic medical records and the delivery of remote clinical care. Let our network security experts take the guesswork, risk, and hassle out of deploying a network that supports your mission-critical network traffic and patient data security.

Managed WiFi

Support wireless medical devices, improve your patient and waiting room experience, and empower staff with access to reliable and secure WiFi. New Age Networks networking experts will design, configure, install, monitor, and manage your wireless network.

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides privacy standards and federal protections for patients’ medical records and other information. HIPAA not only impacts healthcare providers, but the suppliers you use as well. Because there is no formal HIPAA certification process, it can be challenging for healthcare providers to know how to evaluate suppliers when it comes to compliance.

With New Age Networks, you can rest assured our communications services have been classified as HIPAA compliant by a leading HIPAA consultant. We offer an Attestation of Compliance (AOC) and, should you require one, a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that details each party’s rights and obligations for safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA.