Modern problems require modern solution

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Traditional marketing and mode of communication are outdated somewhat and quite limited to leave a long lasting impression in your audience that’s why companies are relying on digital mediums and marketing strategies worldwide.

Your mode of communication holds as much importance as any other business atrocities. Thanks to technological advancement that offered companies with multiple mediums, tools, featured enriched applications and modes to connect effectively with their partners, employees and customers smartly than ever before in the history.

While it’s true that Digital advancement has open many doors and opportunities for business, it has also breed many challenges for companies to meet the requirements of this medium and beat their competitors to stand out in market.

Solution to all your business problems is an effective phone system for office. These business phone solutions help your enterprise connect and collaborate at larger scale with lower costing budget. These VoIP Business phones not only helps you connect with your customers smartly but also leads to employees’ satisfaction and increased productivity by upgrading your business environment.

And while future is certainly VoIP New Age Networks understand this hour of the need and provide business smart solutions to enterprise keeping in consideration the size, requirements and budget of your company.

With these feature enriched Cloud based VoIP business phone Systems, you can share data/files, make conference calls/ meetings, live streamed video calls, emails, instant messages anytime anywhere easily.

This increased integrated communication brings your business goals to fruition in long run. You can create a secure and trustable business environment for your employees & customers.

Advantages of having a VoIP business Phone for your Office

Unified communications: 

A unified communications solution consolidates your business phone system, voicemail, instant message or chat, video conferencing and faxing, and can also integrate with email, web apps, social media.

International calling: 

VoIP business phones are internet-based, which cuts down your long-distance charges when you place or receive international calls.

Instant messaging:

Instant messaging is text-based communication. It allows for real-time communication that can be run through a number of devices, including desktop computers and smartphones. Instant messaging adds an additional layer of communication that is responsive and leaves information in writing that can be referenced later.

Cost effective:

These VoIP business phones allow voice and data sharing simultaneously over a single IP connection which gives you integrated communication experience at comparatively low cost than traditional phone systems.

Secure Data Sharing:

VoIP business phone systems comes with end to end encryption feature which makes your data handling and sharing secure and efficient.


Your customers, employees and prospect partners can have remote access to your business anywhere anytime all over the world without any hindrance. All you need is a connection and business phone number.

Customers Engagement:

These VoIP phone systems comes with many features that gives your customer an excellent user experience and improves your customer support services.

Employee Satisfaction:

Another benefit of these VoIP business phones is that it helps you receive your employees’ satisfaction and trust. Your colleagues remain interconnected and updated. This will give a boost to your overall working environment which leads to increased productivity.