Advantages of having VoIP Small Business Phone System

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VoIP phone systems are basically the virtual phone system that allows the calls and data sharing over a single IP connection.

These VoIP small business phone systems are actually the need of the hour for any firm or organization as it enables them to have integrated communication experience at comparatively lower rates than existing traditional PBX phone systems.

Here are some of the reasons to explain why your small business needs to have a VoIP phone system.

Excellent Call Quality

VoIP technology has evolved in such a way that the person you’re calling or the person calling you can’t tell whether you’re using VoIP or traditional landline. Today’s VoIP phone service has even surpassed traditional landline in terms of call quality. It allows the excellent call quality with no distortion and lagging.

Integrated Communication

There’s more to VoIP than making and receiving calls. Modern VoIP systems incorporate other communication services like instant messaging, presence information, teleconferencing, video conferencing, receiving voicemail and faxes via email – providing your business a full blown integrated communication experience. With VoIP, voicemail and faxes can be forwarded to your email. This multi functionality give access to your business far widely than you could have imagined with outdated traditional phone systems.

Secure Data Sharing

Compared to the traditional analog telephone connection, these small business hosted VoIP phone systems are much more secure with its standardized encryption protocols, making your calls and data secure – something that can’t be done on a regular telephone connection. It keeps your data and information sharing not only smooth but secure. You can have a backup for any loss and any expected natural or unnatural disaster.


So long as you’ve internet access, you can use your VoIP system anywhere. VoIP allows you to make and receive calls from multiple devices, including your smartphone, ensuring that you can be contacted by customers or by colleagues wherever you are in the world.

It also allows you to transfer calls to your colleagues without requiring customers to call another number. This phone system also allows you to set your status to inform your colleagues whether or not you’re available to take calls.

Automated Assistance

With VoIP, answers to simple frequently asked questions can be programmed to serve customers call after office hours. Holiday opening hours, regular opening hours and other important announcements can be programmed, providing your customers optimal service at all hours of the day and night.

Increased Productivity

VoIP increases productivity by creating a communicative and interface rich environment. Your organization can connect with its partners, customers and employees globally. Moreover, it allows your employees to have remote access to your business as well which enables them to do their work with continuity regardless of time and space.

With VoIP, phone numbers can be programmed to ring on multiple devices before proceeding to voicemail. This reduces the likelihood of employees and customers experiencing phone tag.

Increased Sales/ Revenue

These VoIP phone systems are efficient in leveraging maximum sales and generating overall revenue of your business. Smooth communication leads to optimized business operations and strong customer communication helps you elevate your business sales and reach your target audience effectively.

A productive environment ultimately give rise to increased sales.


Operating costs for VoIP are significantly lower than the traditional phone companies as VoIP significantly cuts down domestic and international calls. A VoIP number, also known as a virtual number, isn’t connected to a physical landline telephone which makes it maintenance and portability much easier and convenient. Moreover, your organization no longer has to maintain separate networks for data and phones with these VoIP phone systems. VoIP allows you to take your office extension phone anywhere you go using a smartphone, this slashes your company’s mobile phone costs.

Teleconferencing and video conferencing eliminate significant travel cost, for virtual employees, teleconferencing and video conferencing also mean less cost related to recruiting, retraining and even office space. Bottom line, these small business hosted VoIP phone systems are less expensive than traditional telephones thus it helps you in accommodating your budget plans too.