Need of the Hour

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Business relay widely on their mode of communication and connections these days due to visible change in marketing trends including digital interface. Consumers are now more active and present on digital platforms than ever before in the history. To target your audience effectively your enterprise needs to have a vigilant presence by having a vast network and a secure connection.

New Age Networks – Cloud based Communication System

New Age Networks provide you with the hosted Cloud based communications solutions for your enterprise. We will ensure streamlined systematic and constant flow of information and your services. It will increase the reliability and access of your organization and help you meet your business goals effectively.

These Cloud technologies offer number of services and solutions for your business including hosted VoIP system, a Unified Communications (UC) solution, or a team collaboration software or app.

Virtual IP PBX or Traditional PBX System?

While opting choices for connection and server the question may arise that whether to go for traditional PBX system or IP PBX system? Well as mentioned before the growing global market and changing trends demand much more agile software and connection to support your communication process without any lagging. Considering this, it is not wrong to say that IP PBX systems have overthrown regular traditional PBX for organizations.

Virtual IP PBX services offer reliable secure and systematic flow of communication.

Upgrade Your PBX System Now to Experience New Dimensions of your Business

It’s super easy to shift your PBX system to IP system without any additional devices which also the reason why users tend to prefer it. More features at low cost what could be more ideal situation for an enterprise than this?

Benefits of VoIP phone Systems for your business

VoIP phone system for your business will help you evolve your business by providing unified and integrated communication supported by secure connection and network. It makes your enterprise engaging and active while offering low investment rates.Some of the remarkable and noted benefits of IP phone system are as follows.

Mobility & Flexibility

You can have access from and to multiple channels by connecting and switching between apps without any lagging and distortion anytime anywhere.


These Virtual PBX services will bring reforms and advancement to your enterprise. The constant connectivity makes it easier for your customers to reach you and develop a sense of reliability and trust towards your enterprise.


These IP phones not only helps you connect efficiently with consumers but also serves as a point of contact between your employees within your enterprise. This increased capacity and connectivity results in productivity which in turn helps you generate more revenue.

Cost effective

Its cost less than traditional phoning and communication as it’s limited and wired enough to make your communication process hefty. Even if you’re upgrading your PBX system it requires no additional devices or infrastructure which makes it cost effective for your business.


It provides end to end encryption which secures your data and connection. It makes file sharing safe while resolving any security threats you could be facing.